photoIn an interview with VICE’s Motherboard, Konstantin Popov, CEO of Cappasity Inc., shares his vision on the trend of digitalization and how 3D technologies are forming the future of shopping.

Find out how Cappasity Inc. solutions are designed to help use the tremendous opportunities that 3D scanning offers, becoming available for anyone these days. Not only users can scan objects and people with the power of Intel® RealSense™ cameras, but also easily showcase them in 3D on any device or platform.

“Users get access to the Cappasity Cloud service, allowing them to share the models on social networks and websites. Sharing on websites is especially important for our business clients who want to use 3D scanning technologies in e-commerce. Shoppers on their websites can not only see pictures of the products, but their full 3D models as well. It will make the online shopping experience much more exciting and immersive, because you can rotate the 3D models and interact with them. Studies show that this increases conversion rates, thanks to additional interactive information about the merchandise.

Soon Easy 3D Scan will be able to load the models the user has created onto VR devices. You can scan an object using Intel®’s RealSense™ laptop, upload it to the Cappasity Cloud, and watch it on Samsung Gear VR and other VR devices.”

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