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With the 3DShot app, anyone can easily create and share interactive 3D Views and record 3D Reviews. They can be shared on social networks and be posted on popular marketplaces and websites.

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For SMEs

Create interactive product content that your customers will love. All you need to create a 3D View of an item is your smartphone with the installed 3DShot app.

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For marketplaces

Your sellers will be able to easily create 3D images of products, and buyers will record engaging 3D reviews. Immersive content drives higher engagement and provides detailed information about products online.

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For car dealerships

3DShot allows users to create a 3D View of any car. Showcasing cars in this format makes it possible for clients to examine a digitized object from all sides and zoom-in to see the details.

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How it works

  1. Choose the object that you want to shoot in 3D. Make sure it is well lit.
  2. Point your device camera at the object and start moving around it.
  3. Edit the 3D View and upload it to your Cappasity account.

Digitize anything in 3D

Shoes & Accessories








Small items

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