Mobile Capture with Easy 3D Scan

Drive your sales with Cappasity 3D View or just share an exciting 3D View with your friends! No special equipment needed. Easy 3D Scan is one of the first professional apps for product imaging on iPhone and Android.

How to use

The mobile version of Easy 3D Scan uses the same account as the desktop versions for PC and Mac.  First, you need to create a Cappasity account to be able to use it with our mobile application. You can easily create and upload 3D views to this account. Then you can share 3D Views on your website, use them for online stores or in social networks.

What is most important to you? Our software helps you remove backgrounds and create precise 3D Views for products. This is going to be the next step in mobile product photography.


Free. We provide all our software solutions for free. You can activate our paid accounts to use extra features.

Apple ARKit

Cappasity is working on framework to provide a 3D capturing and embedding solution for Apple’s ecosystem.

Release date

We are working hard on the application and are going to release its beta version later this year.