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Create your account on the Cappasity platform and download the Easy 3D Scan® desktop software.


Shoot several products in 3D at your studio and upload them to your Cappasity account. You will be able to use it as your portfolio.


Submit the information about your studio via the form below. We will review your application, add you to our network of certified partners and give you a free Pro subscription.


Quality requirements to 3D content
Before adding you to the Partner Network, we need to verify that the 3D images you create meet the quality standards of our clients. Below you may find the requirements:

✓ Product is centered right in the middle of the turntable.
✓ No dust, dirt, fingerprints on the surface of the object.
✓ The camera’s focus is always on the object during the spin.
✓ White balance is set properly.
✓ The object has no shadows or overexposed areas on it.
✓ The background is clean and evenly lit.
✓ The object has a stable footing.
✓ The object rotates smoothly. There are no aberrations or vibrations.
✓ No extraneous glare on the object.
How to earn 20% commission from Cappasity?
Partnership with Cappasity would give you an opportunity to be displayed on our website as a certified partner and get connected with clients in your area.

What’s more, we will be happy to share up to 20% commission for every client you bring to the Cappasity platform. Find out more about getting the commission on the Affiliate Program page.

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    JewelryWatchesProduct photographyApparel (on a model or mannequin)Large objects (furniture)White objects on white backgroundHighly reflective surfaceTransparent objectsProduct animation

    Accept product delivery3D shoot at a client's office

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