Easy 3D Scan for 360 photography


Dear users, thank you for your requests and feedback. Now you can import 360 photos and upload them onto our platform. It means that you are able to use multiple image files and use the same functionality as when shooting a video. We’ve had a lot of requests to support existing photo setups for 360 product photography and power them by our data streaming solution and high-quality web and mobile viewer.

There is, however, one limit – you need to shoot at least 120 images to create 3D content that is compatible with VR/AR.

Import from photos can be a useful feature for some specific needs, but you will still save 4x more production time with the video processing approach. So it’s up to you what is better for your business.

You can have a look at this video and see how it works with 5k resolution photos and our upcoming zoom feature

Another feature – now you can upload your 3D Views to other Cappasity accounts. Let’s imagine you are a photographer and you are shooting 3D photos for your client. When the job is done, you need to upload them to your client. Now you can do it really easily!

First, you need to ask your client generate a token here – https://3d.cappasity.com/account/security and send it to you. Then you can select the new option ‘Upload to account’ from the Uploading dialog window or Batch processing window and choose ‘Add new account’. Paste the token and save your client’s credentials. Now you can use his account for uploading!

Please check out our short video.