Cappasity 3D & 360 Product Viewer for Magento

The Cappasity 3D & 360 Product Viewer synchronizes the Magento product catalog with the Cappasity account. It automatically adds interactive 3D images to products with matching SKU numbers. Each 3D View will appear in the image gallery, letting your online customers see the item from all sides and zoom in on the details.


To add interactive 3D Views to product pages using the extension:

  1. Download and install a free Cappasity extension to your Magento store.
  2. Shoot 360° videos of your products.
  3. Use the free Easy 3D Scan software to create interactive 3D Views, then upload them to your Cappasity account.
  4. Automatically embed 3D Views into product pages using the Cappasity extension. They will appear in the image gallery.

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