How to configure embed code parameters

Step 1:

To embed a 3D View on a page of your website, go to your Cappasity account and open a 3D View.

Step 2:

Click “Embed” below the image.

Step 3:

You’ll be shown a default embed code. Copy it.

Step 4:

Paste the code into the HTML code of your webpage.

Standard configuration features

The embedding code configurations that are available on all subscription plans.



1. Width and height

To change the size of the 3D View on your webpage, adjust width and height in % or PX.



2. UI padding

By changing the UI padding values, you can slightly shift the player buttons and hints.



3. Auto-start player

The auto-start feature allows you to automatically load the 3D View on the product page instead of showing the “3D” button first.



4. Close button

Switch off “Close button” to hide the close button on your 3D View.

Paid configuration features

The following embedding options are available on the Premium subscription plan or higher.



5. Enable zoom

Switch off “Enable zoom” to disable zoom-in on your 3D View.


6. Show logo

Switch off “Show logo” to hide the Cappasity logo on your 3D Views.


7. Autorotate

To enable the automatic rotation of the 3D View, turn on the autorotation feature.

You can also change the autorotate time and direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise), as well as the autorotate delay (the interval between the last interaction with a 3D View and the start of autorotation).


8. Autorotate button

Disable the “Autorotate button” option to hide the autorotate switch from the player UI.


9. HD Zoom

Choose the default zoom quality (SD or HD) for your 3D View.


10. Enable product URL

The “Enable product URL” feature allows you to add the link to any webpage inside your 3D View. Enable the option and paste the URL of the destination page in the field below.


11. Hide fullscreen

Turn on this feature to disable the full screen view and hide the “Full screen” button in the 3D View player.


12. Settings button

Switch off “Settings button” to hide the settings button in the player interface.


13. Zoom button

Switch off “Zoom button” to hide the zoom options in the player interface.


14. Hide hints

Enable ‘Hide hints” to remove “Drag to rotate” and “Double click to zoom” hints from your 3D View.