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What is the prize for the winner?

We will distribute a post or a video about you and your studio through our social networks and our newsletter.

You will get a free subscription to the Cappasity platform (Pro plan) for 5 years.

If you decide to create your own masterclass, we will post it on the Cappasity website.


June 17 to July 8
Submission period.

June 25, July 2, and July 9
Submitted 3D Views will be added to the Cappasity website.

June 25 to July 14
The voting process.

July 15
The winner is announced.


Create a 3D View of a luxury bag or a pair of shoes.


Send us the link to the final result. Only one 3D View from each user account is accepted.


Gain the most votes to win.

Upload your submission


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