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Annual Pricing
Monthly Pricing



  • 50 3D images
  • 5,000 views / month

30-day free trial

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Free plan includes

  • Embed 3D images into one website with the logo and “Powered by Cappasity” text
  • Export videos to social channels with the Cappasity logo

Find the right plan for your business

Find the right plan for your business


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Perfect for smaller and midsize online stores and for social media.

  • Up to 200 3D images
  • Up to 35,000 views / month
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  • No “Powered by” watermark
  • Private and Unlisted 3D images
  • Disable the logo for 3D images
  • HD Zoom
  • Export of photos and videos
  • Player customization


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Perfect for large e-commerce catalogs and automatic integration into websites and mobile apps.

  • Unlimited 3D images
  • High traffic volume
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SMB plan, plus

  • AR integration
  • SDK/API access for automatic synchronization with online store
  • Android and iOS frameworks for mobile apps
  • Cappasity.AI analytics
  • Export of multiple product photos
  • API customization
  • Premium onboarding and support

SMB plan is eligible if revenue or funding was less than $200K in the last 12 months.

What our clients say

Jay Nigrelli

VP of Ecommerce at Samsonite

“3D visualization allows us to bridge the gap between online shopping and brick-and-mortar stores. We chose Cappasity because their solution allows us to share comprehensive product information with our customers.”

Andreas Schmeidler

Chairman of TSUM

“3D is the technology that allows us to be innovative and differentiate from our competitors, we are seeing stronger customer engagement.”

Julieta Maidana

E-commerce Manager at Jazmin Chebar

“We saw improvements in our conversion rates and time spent on the product page, and managed to achieve impressive results across all departments thanks to Cappasity 3D technology.”

Jean‑Christophe Ankaoua

President of Lion-Snakes (Marque Claris Virot)

“Cappasity’s cutting-edge technology makes online shopping easier and more natural for customers allowing to study materials, textures, and colors in every detail.”


What is included in my subscription?
The paid subscription gives you access to the Cappasity platform’s capabilities and features.

The platform is a sophisticated SaaS solution that enables easy and convenient integration of 3D Views (interactive 3D images of products) into websites, mobile apps, and AR & VR applications. It also provides reliable 3D content storage, data streaming, content synchronization as well as in-depth 3D analytics.
What does the number of views mean? How is it calculated?
A view refers to each loading of a 3D image on a website page or mobile app. We count the total number of views for every account on a monthly basis.
How many 3D images can I create and embed?
You can create an unlimited number of 3D images using the Easy3D Scan™ desktop application or Cappasity App. If you want to embed your 3D image into a website or app, you should first upload it to your Cappasity account and get the embed code.

For SMB plans, the number of 3D images that you can embed is limited to 200. For Enterprise plans, it is unlimited.
What is the difference between HD and SD Zoom?
Zoom allows a user to change the scale of the viewed 3D image to better see the details. HD Zoom provides a true high-resolution quality that is achieved through additional data streaming, while SD Zoom gives you a lower quality of the zoomed-in image.

Please note that HD Zoom is available only when you create a 3D View out of videos or photos with 4K resolution or better.
What are unlisted and private 3D images?
By applying these options, you can control who is able to view your 3D content:
Public (by default) – visible to everyone.
Private – only the owner of the account can see them.
Unlisted – available only via the direct link.
How can I export photos?
You can export still images in any resolution from 3D Views using “Export Photos”. You can add them as additional pictures to the product page.
What is the Export of videos feature?
The Video Export feature allows the export of looped 360 videos from your 3D Views to showcase them on social channels and popular e-commerce platforms such as Instagram or Amazon.
What is player customization?
With the advanced viewer customization options, you will be able to set up autorotation, adjust the interface buttons, hide hints, add an external link to your 3D image and more.
What is the AR integration solution?
A unique feature of the Cappasity solution is that a 3D View can be used not only on your website and mobile app, but also in AR and VR applications.

Currently, such projects are available only to our Enterprise clients. You can find more information here.
How does the Cappasity API/SDK work?
It’s possible to automatically embed 3D Views into product pages by matching SKU numbers. Simply upload a 3D image to the platform account and it will instantly appear on the relevant product page of your website.
What is the Cappasity.AI analytics?
Cappasity.AI is a tool for advanced 3D analytics. It tracks how customers interact with 3D Views, calculates the time spent on the interaction, detects zoom-in points and the most popular angles. The 3D analytics provides marketers with a unique insight into their customers' preferences to improve product visualization and run more effective marketing campaigns.

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