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In the webinar, we’ll discuss how to use Cappasity for educational projects and museums. Cappasity will show you how educational institutions and museums can create immersive experiences in a matter of minutes with the Cappasity solution. We’ll also cover the collaboration between the Eisenhower Foundation and Cappasity that resulted in the creation of the Primary Source Library with 3D visualizations of artifacts and a series of immersive educational presentations. Helen Pugh, IKEducation Specialist, will share IKEducation’s experience of using Cappasity 3D technology in the educational process.

Date: 14 October 2021 10:00 CDT

Hosts: Elina Minina, Business Development Manager at Cappasity
Helen Pugh, IKEducation Specialist


All webinar attendees will get a free consultation from the Cappasity Immersive Experience Lab.


Future of retail after COVID-19

Cappasity solution explained

Integrations & shooting processes to fit your needs

How to produce 3D content

AR for e-commerce


How to Сonnect
Here we will publish a link to join the webinar! Just open this page on April 28, 2020 at 16:00 CET




11:00 Official event begin followed by keynotes

11:55 Presentation of luxury tech use cases and demos

13:00 Panel discussion

13:40 Networking


To receive accreditation, please contact prteam@cappasity.com, stating your First Name, Last Name, and the Media you represent.



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Hosted by Cappasity

/ Luxury Tech Conference 2020

June, 2020 /5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France


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