Top Intel Software Innovators of 2016


Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO, is one of the active members of Intel Software Innovators program. Based on his work, Intel decided to nominate him to the Top Intel Software Innovators of 2016. Kosta took the second place in the North America region:

“Konstantin reached over 8,000 developers through his demos at events such as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas, TechCrunch DISRUPT in New York, Game Developers Conference (GDC 2016) in San Francisco, and MixAR 2016 in Moscow.

Konstantin’s projects include Cappasity, a cloud-based 3D/VR platform designed for seamless integration of 3D content into e-commerce business processes including products digitizing and 3D/VR shopping visualization solutions. The Cappasity Easy 3D Booth is an affordable and easy-to-use full body 3D scanner for 3D printing and the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan lets merchandisers scan their products so that they can upload a 3D image allowing consumers to get a better picture of the items they cannot touch, and as a result, the online store increases sales and reduces the number of purchase returns.”


Cappasity at CES 2017

You are welcome to meet our team at CES 2017!  We have several targets for this CES:

  • We are looking for companies who are ready to try 3D/VR technologies to improve conversion in their online stores – we can run a free trial for you, including 3D digitizing and free integration.
  • Meet our team of experts in 3D technologies – Cappasity has its own 3D scanning solution and is ready to license it or work with your team under custom 3D projects
  • Cappasity is a startup and we are always fundraising and looking for VC/angels who believe that 3D helps increase conversion for e-commerce stores and will be everywhere in 2017

Please drop us an email and let’s book a meeting.

Our booth is #21967, VR marketplace (LVCC, South Hall 1)