Today everyone’s heads are turned to virtual reality (VR), this year’s hottest technology.

Entertainment and gaming have been the main focus of virtual reality so far, but we believe that VR will also have a major effect on many industries and change our habits in a way mobile, internet and other innovative technologies did not so long ago. And e-commerce stands a chance to be one of the most involved ones, with VR transforming online shopping into truly interactive and engaging experience.

Be the first to take a peek at Cappasity, our 3D e-commerce platform, being tested in Samsung Gear VR. You can easily upload, manage, view and embed 3D models using Cappasity.

This is just a test run of the platform in VR. Our team is intensively working on developing Cappasity VR app and SDK to make VR shopping fully immersive, true-to-life… and accessible. Cappasity VR app will be available for anyone using Cappasity platform, and it will be supporting different popular VR headsets.