Many of those who have never come across 3D technologies may think that the whole process of 3D scanning, uploading, embedding takes ages and, most importantly, is inevitably complicated.

In this case, the technology would not be of much use for general public. We understand a modern businessman’s agenda: if the risk is taken to try something innovative, it has to be accordingly comprehensible, fast and easy to implement. And this is what we care about when developing our solutions for e-commerce.

Watch a new video of Cappasity platform MVP to find how smoothly it all works. From digitizing an object with Easy 3D Scan, to the point where 3D model is displayed on Cappasity platform, all is made user-friendly and intuitive.

We are developing a function to upload 3D models in popular formats, to let the users freely use Cappasity for their business needs. However, with our 3D scanning solutions anyone would be able to scan and share absolutely for free.

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