Our Technology

Since 2013, we have been developing a 3D product imaging, 3D scanning & reconstruction technology that isn't dependent on the type of hardware used and can be easily adapted to relevant business tasks.

Cloud Service

Create and store content on Cloud
Store and process measurement data from scans
API for integration with online stores

3D Cameras & RGB Cameras

Intel® RealSense™ 3D cameras
OpenNI2 compatible 3D cameras
RGB cameras: Web cameras, Canon DSLR cameras

3D Scanning

Fusion algorithm with OpenCL/CUDA optimization
Turntable scanning mode with automatic detection of 360 degree rotation and background segmentation
Manual scanning mode with a number of 3D scanning presets to 3D scan a human head, a full body or objects
Automatic 3D scanning volume selection for 3D cameras based on the scanning presets

Data Capture

A client-server solution that helps connect an unlimited number of 3D cameras and RGB external cameras for instant capturing
Fusion and Multi-fusion algorithms for capturing 3D data from one or multiple sources
Calibration algorithms for internal and external camera parameters for accurate data sync


UV texture mapping from a number of high-resolution images
Automatically create texture data when there is no color data available
Auto adjustment of texture seams


Content optimization for 3D prints
Export to .OBJ/.STL/.WRL