An entrepreneur, architect and futurist, Vasily Klyukin*, invested in Cappasity that is currently doing an ICO and issues CAPP tokens. Besides the above mentioned investment, Vasily commits to buy CAPP tokens worth up to $3M in the ongoing token sale.

The tokens will be used in the 3D fitting room project that is being developed by Vasily Klyukin’s company. It is expected that the project will become a part of Cappasity’s ecosystem and will be compatible with the platform’s 3D models. The fitting room is expected to become a universal solution for internationally recognized apparel brands and will accept CAPP tokens.

“The creation of the blockchain technology can be compared to invention of Internet. There are many projects on the market now, but not all of them are backed by the expertise that can drive them to recognition around the world. I am considering about 20 various projects now, and so far I have decided to buy tokens from Cappasity and Telegram. The former can become a leader in the 3D world, while the latter is going to become a role model for all messengers. The Cappasity solution being so user-friendly, I do believe that it is going to be a perfect tool for almost all e-commerce companies – and this means that the token’s possibilities will be almost unlimited.”, says Vasily Klyukin.


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