How are we different from 360 photography?

Cappasity is the first complex solution tailored to the needs of large retailers. It allows imaging of 1,000s of products in 3D every day. As opposed to 360 photography solutions, which are fragmented and time-consuming, Cappasity offers an all-in one production pipeline that is easy to use and quick to implement.

”3D product images created and embedded with Cappasity solution increase conversion by 30%+”

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What’s included:

• Free 3D imaging software that works on your existing equipment
• New production standard – fully automated creation of 3D
• Batch processing – convert and color enhance 1,000s of 3D images at once
• Automatically embed 3D images into product pages using API (tied to SKU)

Cappasity.AI and 3D analytics

Cappasity.AI module tracks and registers every customer’s interaction with the 3D product image. It analyzes the data and provides a real-time heat map of each product – a unique insight into what really matters to your clients.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

The same 3D content can be used for Augmented and Virtual Realities holograms

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