Hi everybody,

We have great news about the upcoming update of Easy 3D Scan software – we are going to support a new 3D format – 3D View. What does it mean? You don’t need a special camera, like Intel RealSense to capture 3D for your e-commerce store.

It’s possible to start production of 3D views with a Canon DSLR camera (or some other camera) and just record a video while rotating a turntable.  Then our software will extract all required data and upload it onto Cappasity platform, so that you could easily integrate it into your website.

What is more important – this format is compatible with VR/AR.

So now all you need is just a video file in .MOV/.MP4 format and Easy 3D Scan will do the rest. If you have a Canon DSLR camera, Easy 3D Scan will control the whole capturing process – just plug your camera with a USB cable into your laptop. We are going to release this update in December.

You can check out some samples that were created using a Canon Rebel T3i camera: