Easy 3D Booth

Affordable and easy-to-use 3D scanning solution for VR/AR apps, 3D content production and 3D printing.

Get impressive 3D models using DIY Easy 3D Booth setup and software. Solution is now available for PoC projects. Contact us!

Scanning time: 16 seconds
Final OBJ model: 3 minutes

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How it Works

Customer needs to step onto the motorized turntable inside the Booth for 16 seconds to get scanned. Once this is done it will take 3 minutes to reconstruct the 3D model in color.

One-click scanning is a fully automated and easy-to-use process which does not require manual post-processing

Custom software service for Enterprise clients

Export a model for 3D printing and content production (.OBJ)

Cloud service for 3D integration into the VR/AR apps and websites

Compatible with Unreal Engine and Unity

API for developers

Custom solution for Enterprise

Are you looking for custom 3D digitizing solution? Contact us!

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