Decema, a newly-formed private investment and advisory group for startups offering ICO’s, announced today that it is committed to investing $2.5 million dollars in Cappasity, a 3D content creation software company. Cappasity is developing a platform using blockchain technology to securely facilitate transactions of digital content between buyers and sellers. The platform provides decentralized and trustless copyrights storage and is powered by a token (CAPP) – a cryptocurrency that is used for content and services purchases via the ecosystem.

“Our conviction is that one day AR and VR technology will allow us to experience things in ways we’ve never dreamed of. Cappasity’s technology will play a critical role in that vision because it will allow content creators to quickly and securely create, acquire, and sell rights to the high-quality digital content that is used in constructing those immersive experiences,” says Decema CEO Khoa Phan.


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