Goldman Sachs estimates that the 3D industry could be worth as much as $35 billion by 2025. Today, most of the AR/VR technology is limited to the gaming sector. However, it also has the potential for use in many other areas such as medicine, sports, and many others. However, the mass creation of 3D projects is still limited by the lack of interesting content, which is due to how time-consuming and labor-intensive the production process can be. This also usually means that the production costs are quite high.

To solve some of these problems, Cappasity has come up with a decentralized content-driven global 3D platform. With this platform, the distribution of 3D content is made easy and fast for both ordinary people and businesses. It ensures that participants will have access to tools for productive interactions.

To protect content creators, this platform comes with trustless copyright storage and is powered by the CAPP token. The token will be used for the purchase of services and content on this ecosystem. This token is fully compliant with ERC20 standards. The features of this platform are designed to be open to developers using Unreal Engine, Unity, Apple ARKit, and the Google ARCore technology.


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