You are welcome to meet our team at CES 2017!

Cappasity at CES 2017

We have several targets for this CES:

  • We are looking for companies who are ready to try 3D/VR technologies to improve conversion in their online stores – we can run a free trial for you, including 3D digitizing and free integration.

  • Meet our team of experts in 3D technologies – Cappasity has its own 3D scanning solution and is ready to license it or work with your team under custom 3D projects.
  • Cappasity is a startup and we are always fundraising and looking for VC/angels who believe that 3D helps increase conversion for e-commerce stores and will be everywhere in 2017.

Please drop us an email and let’s book a meeting –

Our booth is #21967, VR marketplace (LVCC, South Hall 1)


CAPPASITY showroom –