3D technologies add an incredible advantage to e-commerce and fashion design. Before Cappasity it was not easy to create a 3D showcase of apparel – the process was complicated with an average visual quality of the final 3D image.

Cappasity is now working with brands and designers who would like to try 3D for their clothing stores and fashion collections.


Jake, a fashion brand from San Francisco, tried the Cappasity technology for their new fashion collection “Dangerous liaisons”. Here you can find a couple of links to their store:



For example, here you can see that only 3D can demonstrate all nuances of the dress – https://www.jake.clothing/women-shop-all/chinoiserie-sheath-dress-with-slit-sleeves. That is why 3D helps the online store’s customers make the right decision – it gives them more information about the product.













Now fashion designers are looking for how the Cappasity 3D technology can be used to demonstrate their collections online and how it can help setup virtual fashion shows. It’s a new trend, but more and more designers are asking us to digitize their collections and would like to try 3D not only for websites but also for VR/AR devices.

Here you can find a few 3D Views that were produced by our partners for Mangosteen USA / International fashion show hosted by REVE creative:

3D technologies give us the new way of product imaging – product imaging with interactive experience!