Cappasity is trying to earn the ‘Best Enterprise Solution’ award. We develop a platform and 3D scanning solutions that use affordable 3D cameras. We would really appreciate if you could find some time to vote for us!

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Cappasity™, a cloud-based platform, is designed for seamless integration of 3D content into business processes: starting from creation of 3D models to their demonstration on websites, mobile and VR devices.

Shopping online, customers are able to interact with a 3D model in the same way as with the original object, viewing it from all sides and getting a complete idea of the product, its look, shape and dimensions.

With focus on enriching customer experience and bringing emotional engagement, fully interactive 3D models provide richer visual information about products and that eventually results in higher conversion rates and lower number of returns.

Retailers are able to easily digitize products and embed 3D models to their existing websites even through their online store builder or demonstrate their products in customers’ VR headsets.

Cappasity Inc. also offers a range of 3D scanning software solutions: Easy 3D Scan™, Easy 3D Booth™ and Easy 3D Box. These affordable scanning solutions provide an easy way to obtain high-quality 3D models, with no technical skills or knowledge required.