We ran into this amazing fashion brand Lapidarium when surfing the Internet. After a short chat with a company representative, we decided to try and digitize their new fashion collection in the 3D View format. 3D View digitizing will be available in our upcoming update of the Easy 3D Scan software, however you can read about how you can digitize your clothing and integrate it into your website already now.

So, to start working in the 3D View mode, you should have a DSLR camera, a motorized turntable with a white surface, a white background and studio lighting. The lighting is crucial, as you need to avoid any shadows in the background when shooting.

Cappasity 3D digitizing for fashion

What you need to do is just record a video of a 1.5 spin of the turntable and Easy 3D Scan will do the rest. If you have a Canon DSLR camera, the software will control the whole recording process – you will need to connect your camera with a USB cable to your PC. If you have other types of cameras, you can record a video and import it from the software. We are going to support remote control for more cameras in the next update.

The recording process takes about a minute and a half (it depends on the speed of your turntable) and data processing takes about 2 minutes.

Easy 3D Scan extracts all required data from the video for 3D/VR showcase of your product. You can always change some processing settings and do color correction. When everything is done, your press ‘Upload’ and a 3D View is available for embedding into your website in a few seconds.

What website integration looks like (Lapidarium website) – http://lapidarium.bigcartel.com/product/assymetric-woolen-skirt

3D Views

Let us tell a bit about Lapidarium and their fantastic fashion collection:

Lapidarium is a sustainable womenswear and accessories brand from London. Lapidarium’s main inspiration is nature; it’s structures, patterns and colours as well as contemporary artists, whose visual vocabulary comprise vivid colour compositions with vertiginous, abstract, playful lines. Majority of Lapidarium prints and textiles are handmade, using various experimental techniques. The brand works with certified, organic fabrics and recycled materials from the best and trustful suppliers and mills, creating timeless, unique pieces for modern and conscious customers.


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Since 3D images are fully interactive, 3D visualization provides considerably more detailed information about a product. A user is able to interact with it in the same way as with the original object. Being able to view a 3D image from all sides, customers get a complete idea of the product, its shape and dimensions. Such an opportunity is essential for e-commerce as it ultimately results in higher conversion rates and lower number of returns.